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Romblon Roads and Bridges
The road network of the province has a total of 1,443 kilometers. Road pavement varies from concrete to asphalt or gravel. About 55 bridges span various creeks and rivers, which are built of concrete, bailey or timber material.

Romblon Airports
The only commercial airport in the province is located in Barangay, Tugdan, Alcantara in the island of Tablas. In case of emergency, there is another air strip, a smaller one, located at Barangay Azagra, San Fernando, in Sibuyan Island.

Romblon Ports and Docks
There are 15 existing ports in the province - 12 are municipal and 3 are national which are located in Odiogan, San Agustin and Romblon. The ports of Santa Fe and Looc serve as take-off points to Boracay while the ports in Odiongan, San Agustin and Romblon service passengers and cargoes going to and from Mindoro, Batangas and Manila. Ports in Sibuyan Island also serve passengers and cargoes to and from Manila, Batangas, Lucena as well as Masbate and Panay Island.

Romblon is the country's leading producer of high-quality marble, comparable to that of Italy.



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