How To Enjoy Whale Shark Tour?

Whale Shark Tour

We start thinking about the holidays well before the summer comes. When the summer is around the corner, we pack our bags and leave for a holiday destination. What about a whale shark tour this summer? With professional guidance and happy people around, it will be an unforgettable holiday for you. has got professional crew on board who can help you with everything you need to enjoy the holiday. A lot of sites such as, has mentioned about the popularity of whale shark tour. Here are some tips which can add enjoyment to your tour.

The thumb rule of the tour itself is the respect towards the rules. You are going to enter the territory of the whale shark. So, you must respect their natural habitat rather than disturb them. They come from the ocean to enjoy their vacation and so do you. Mutual respect is the prime thing that is needed to enjoy a vacation if you go to another thing’s territory. There should not be any interaction with the whale shark and just go and enjoy their beauty. The whale sharks are protected animals. It is advised to keep a good distance with them. They have come to enjoy their meal, let them enjoy.

No free diving is allowed while on whale shark tour. When you dive in, the whale sharks will also go down. No one likes to get interrupted while having lunch; the same rule goes with the whale shark as well. Freediving could be dangerous. It is advised to take enough precautions before you leave for the tour, life jackets and other medical equipment should be handy for your safety. The usages of sunscreens have also got a certain limit. You will have to apply those way before the tour starts. The better option than sunscreen would be long sleeved shirts and caps. The guide is there for your safety. Follow what they say. They have become guides with experience. Listen to them.

When you go for the whale shark tour, be prepared for the tour for the whole day. The whale shark needs to be spotted by sight. There is no other equipment that can sense the presence of the whale shark. Some days you will be lucky enough to see a group of them. To enjoy a whale shark tour, you need to have a fresh mind. Get a good sleep and avoid taking any other drinks other than water so that you don’t get any hangover. If you go with the hangover, there are pretty high chances of getting seasickness. So better take the medications along with you.

You can enjoy swimming with the biggest and one of the beautiful fish in the ocean. However, make sure you are not disturbing them when they have food. They, like us, do not like to get interrupted when they have their food. All you need to enjoy swimming with them and cherish every moment so that it can be an unforgettable holiday for you.