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Carabao Lodge - Carabao Island, San Jose, Romblon, Philippines
Only resort on the island Carabao of a size of just 44 km². There are four bungalows with an veranda each, a restaurant and a swimming pool. Carabao Lodge is integrated into the natural ambiance and is located directly at the sandy beach with the most beautiful sunsets.

Carabao Beach Resort - Carabao Island, San Jose, Romblon, Philippines
A nice budget cottages set in a beautiful garden facing Carabao's pristine Lanas beach.

Ivy's Vine Resort - Agtongo, Carabao Island, San Jose, Romblon, Philippines
Providing a relaxed atmosphere contrasting sharply with the tourist haven of Boracay. From hiking in the mountains, beach combing, mountain biking, or just a new cultural experience this is the relaxed place for you.

Nipa Hauz Beach Resort - Lanas Beach, Carabao Island, San Jose, Romblon, Philippines

Republic of Inobahan & Vista Violeta - Hambil Beach, Carabao Island, San Jose, Romblon

Romblon is the country's leading producer of high-quality marble, comparable to that of Italy.



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